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Zero Calories. Zero Bad Aftertaste. Zero Glycemic Impact.
100% Natural. Learn all about ZSweet® natural sugar substitute:
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ZSweet® Natural Sweetener Products natural sugar substitute
ZSweet® Supersweet Packets
  ZSweet® Granulated Pouch
sugar substitute packets

Sweeten Beverages, Fruit, and Cereal.
New ZSweet® supersweet packets are twice as sweet as the original but still 100% natural, zero calories and are perfect for sweetening on the go!
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Cookies, pies, oatmeal, cakes, and more.
ZSweet® Granulated measures and pours just like sugar and can be used to replace sugar by up to 100%.
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ZSweet® Granulated Canister
sugar substitute packets

For everyday tabletop sweetening.
Features a convenient dual-top spout for easy sprinkling. Measures the same as sugar.
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More Facts About ZSweet®

ZSweet® granulated has a sugar-like taste and texture perfect over cereal, oatmeal, in smoothies and in baked goodies. ZSweet® supersweet packets are a potent blend of the same natural ingredients conveniently packaged to carry with you to sweeten coffee and tea. All ZSweet® products are 100% natural, zero glycemic and zero calorie. ZSweet® contains no carbohydrate fillers or artificial ingredients,  not even in trace amounts.
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ZSweet® Mission
Our goal is to help people drastically reduce their sugar intake and completely eliminate the need for artificial sweeteners.
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ZSweet® Ingredients and Formulation
ZSweet® is made of erythritol that is naturally cultured from sugar, infused with natural botanical extracts and then crystallized.

We are dedicated to offering healthy and delicious sweeteners with all natural starting materials, ingredients, and all natural processing. Therefore, all of the ingredients in ZSweet® are non-GMO, as well as gluten free and contain no known allergens.
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Erythritol Sweetener

What is erythritol?
Erythritol, the main ingredient in ZSweet® zero calorie sweeteners, has been a part of the human diet for years.
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ZSweet® - Miracle Sweetener

Lose Weight, Improve Dental Health and more
Read about the many benefits of using ZSweet® over other sugar substitutes.
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