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What is erythritol?

Erythritol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in many common foods like fruits, vegetables, cheese and yogurt to name a few. ZSweet's erythritol is derived from cultured sugar using a natural process (fermentation). Erythritol is naturally a zero calorie food. Unlike artificial sweeteners, which are man-made synthetic chemical compounds formulated in a lab, erythritol is a natural food that can be found in fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Erythritol and digestion*
In the body, erythritol is absorbed into the bloodstream in the small intestine, and then for the most part excreted unchanged in the urine. Because erythritol is normally absorbed before it enters the large intestine, it does not normally cause laxative effects as are often experienced after over-consumption of other sugar alcohols (such as xylitol and maltitol) and most people will consume erythritol with no side effects. This is a unique characteristic, as other sugar alcohols are not absorbed directly by the body in this manner, and consequently are more prone to causing gastric distress. (*SOURCE: Wikipedia)

Since 1990, erythritol has been commercially produced and added to foods and beverages to provide sweetness, as well as enhance their taste and texture.

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