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20 Incredible Uses of Honey - in and out of - the Kitchen

Over the years, the health benefits of honey have been widely documented. Nearly all of us are familiar with its cancer-fighting antioxidants and its ability to stimulate weight loss. Local honey has even been known to help combat pesky allergies that crop up when seasons change. It also lasts forever. Literally. It doesn't have an expiration date


But what else can this gold liquid do for us. Remember the last time you lost your balance and scrapped your knee or elbow?  Before reaching for the Neosporin, perhaps you should check the pantry for honey. For centuries, honey was used as a topical ointment for treating wounds.  Researchers from New Zealand found that honey can quickly clear infection, protect wounds from further infections, and speeds healing by stimulating growth of cells.

Other astonishing applications for honey include: dandruff solution, aiding in alleviating the dreaded hangover, boosting memory and athletic performance, and honey in the raw can even act as an anti-acne face wash.

To learn more about the usefulness of honey, check out this list of 20 incredible uses - in and out - of the kitchen. Enjoy!