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The Zsweet® Story

about us

The endeavor to bring Zsweet® to the market was based on our wholehearted desire to help our family and our friends.

Zsweet® creator, Tim Avila, conceived the vision that life could be sweet again for individuals with diabetes and blood sugar issues. Because of the health risks involved with natural sugars as well as artificial sweeteners, he wanted to offer a product that would help all individuals to drastically reduce their sugar intake and completely eliminate their use of artificial sweeteners. Simply put, he set out to make the best tasting, truly zero calorie, natural sweetener with no worries attached, period.

Since 2005, Zsweet® has been celebrated worldwide as the natural sugar substitute that helps you stay healthy and stay sweet.

Our goal is to help people drastically reduce their sugar intake and completely eliminate the need for artificial sweeteners.

Zsweet® granulated has a sugar-like taste and texture perfect over cereal, oatmeal, in smoothies and in baked goodies. Zsweet® SuperSweet packets are a potent blend of the same natural ingredients conveniently packaged to carry with you to sweeten coffee and tea. All Zsweet® products are 100% natural, zero glycemic and zero calorie. Zsweet® contains no carbohydrate fillers or artificial ingredients,  not even in trace amounts.

Zsweet® Ingredients and Formulation
Zsweet® is made of erythritol that is naturally cultured from sugar, and is then infused with organic stevia leaf extract as well as natural botanical extracts and then crystallized.

We are dedicated to offering healthy and delicious sweeteners with all natural starting materials, ingredients, and all natural processing. Therefore, the ingredients in Zsweet® are non-GMO, as well as gluten free, and contain no known allergens.