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5 Steps to Renew & Reset

The word “detox” or “cleanse” brings to mind deprivation, hard-to-drink green juices, and other extreme practices. However, the definition of a cleanse is “a process or period of time during which a person attempts to rid the body of substances regarded as toxic or unhealthy.” This can be done in a sustainable way. Rather than depriving the body, we can implement habits that Renew and Reset. Check out these five steps that will improve your overall well-being:

  1. Hydrate The baseline for wellness is an adequate water source. Invest in a quality water filter. We use a Berkey Filter, you can also visit the EWG for a list of the safest water filters to suit your family and individual needs! Avoid plastic water bottles. Try bringing a BPA-free, stainless steel water bottle with you and refilling it throughout the day. 
  2. Ditch Sugar – “Sugar (in all its forms) wreaks havoc on your health.” – Dr. Mark Hyman. Sugar is extremely addictive, and that addiction can be the root cause of inflammation and disease. Eliminating sugar and artificial sweeteners will bring lasting benefits. Satisfy your sugar cravings with treats sweetened with Zsweet, a natural sweetener. Browse our Instagram feed for a collection of clean, whole food recipes.
  3. Eat REAL Food – In step 2 we outlined what to avoid. Now, just as importantly, we need to know what to take in. Limit processed food, and be sure to read your labels. Even if a product is labeled "Organic" or “Sugar-Free”, it can be filled with ingredients that are not REAL food. Generally speaking, the fewer ingredients the better.
  4. Sleep – Sleep is your time to heal. It is critical to a successful reset. If at all possible, avoid electronics before sleep. Try reading a good book, or an epsom salt bath with essential oils to wind down.
  5. Sweat – Vigorous physical activity is the simplest way to detoxify both body and mind. You are able to simultaneously flush toxins from the body and clear any anxious thoughts. If you find it difficult to incorporate exercise, try one of the principles of the paleo movement: PLAY. Tennis, volleyball, paddle boarding, hiking, dance. Keep in mind, there is no wrong way to move!




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