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Best-Selling Author Picks Zsweet

Franziska Spritzler, a registered dietitian and the best-selling author of The Low Carb Dietitian’s Guide to Health and Beauty, is among the many low carb experts that have embraced the use of natural sweeteners such as Zsweet


The low carb dietitians guide to health and beauty

Spritzler, who operates the popular Low Carb Dietitian blog, uses Zsweet as part of her healthy lifestyle. According to Spritzler, removing or limiting sugar is among the most difficult aspects to kick-starting a healthy diet.

By choosing Zsweet, low carb dieters can ditch the unhealthy baggage that is sugar and replace it with a fantastic alternative.

“To me, Zsweet tastes identical to sugar and there is no aftertaste, which is common with other natural sweeteners,” Spritzler said. “The taste, flavor, and end result is no different than if you were using sugar, but in the Zsweet case, you don’t get any of the calories.”

Indeed, among the many benefits of using Zsweet is that it contains zero calories and zero net-carbs, in addition to being gluten-free and containing zero artificial ingredients. It packs a great punch against diabetes as well, as Zsweet has zero glycemic impact. In other words, it’s the zero worries sweetener you’ve been looking for.

“Zsweet is a great addition to the diets of individuals that follow a low carb lifestyle or are simply trying to reduce their carb intake,” Spritzler continued. “For diabetics, they can enjoy healthy treats that won’t affect their blood sugar levels. It’s an excellent replacement to artificial sweeteners, which are known to cause digestive issues. As a dietitian, Zsweet checks all the important boxes.”