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Staying on Track during Holidays and Vacation

The holiday season is fast approaching which typically means time off of work and often a set of travel plans! We go on vacation to escape or “take a break” from the stress of everyday life.

While it’s absolutely encouraged to take a break from our daily routine for our mental health, completely leaving our physical wellness routine behind may end up causing more stress later on, especially if we are left to deal with the aftermath of negative symptoms when we return. Let’s examine a few common reasons why it can be a struggle to maintain our healthy routine, and how we can combat them:

  • Social Pressure: Our friends and family may not understand why we set certain boundaries on food or drink, or why we avoid certain foods altogether. If possible, let your family or friends know of your goals ahead of time so you can all be on the same page and enjoy your time together. 
  • Be Prepared: The more clean and nutritious options we have available, the less likely we are to fall into the high-sugar, high-carb traps of hotel stores or late-night snacking. Before your trip, try packing a separate bag full of healthy alternatives. Some of our favorite on-the-go snacks are protein bars (Primal Kitchen and Bulletproof have Keto-friendly options), grass-fed jerky, organic mixed nuts, and of course our Zsweet packets! Having our packets on hand is key so we can skip out on sweeteners or syrups in our coffee and tea! 
Exercise: While you’re on vacation, you may not want to spend hours at the gym, but it can be fun to try out the hotel's gym, pool or even your hotel room floor! If you aren't sure what to try, simply follow this simple 7-minute workout below (Do each exercise for 30 seconds then rest 10 seconds) : 
  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Wall Sit
  3. Pushups
  4. Abdominal Crunches
  5. Step-Ups (onto chair or bench)
  6. Squats
  7. Side Plank (R) 
  8. Plank
  9. Side Plank (L) 
  10. High Knees –– Running in Place 
  11. Tricep Dips on Chair 
  12. Alternating Lunges
  • Stay Hydrated: The simplest and often most neglected step in the path to good health! Bring along your favorite water bottle, and fill it frequently. (Make sure it’s BPA, cadmium, phthalate, PVC, & lead-free!)