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Sugary Drinks Linked to High Death Tolls Worldwide

Check out this report on a study done by Tufts University in Massachusetts on the correlation between consumption of sugar sweetened drinks and their "direct impact on diabetes and the obesity-related effects on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer."   

Seeing these kind of reports day after day should give us all a reason to pause next time we are contemplating getting a fountain drink at lunch, or next time we're at the store and our kids ask us for a couple of twelve-packs of soda (they're even on sale, 4 twelve-packs for $8).  Even on our way in to work each morning, how many of us stop in at the local coffee shop and get our morning latte or mocha? Or maybe we get the "skinny" aka "healthy" option. We warmly invite you to look at the nutrition facts next time you stop in there and take a look at the sugar column. You just might be surprised.  

Next time you're looking for a sweet coffee beverage, try ordering a regular coffee with a splash of heavy whipping cream for a rich, delicious full flavor (or some half & half for a lower fat option). Once you have that in hand, you can add in a couple of Zsweet® SuperSweet Packets, and you are good to go!