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Three Websites that Offer the Best Selection of Delicious Low Carb Recipes

At some point every year, usually right after New Year’s Day, we make the pledge to eat healthy on a more frequent basis. Either we learned of a new diet, are planning a vacation where a “beach body” is a requirement, or received a wake up call from a recent trip to the doctor. 

Low Carb

Whatever the motivation, we constantly try to make changes to our diets, only to lose momentum early on. The results are usually mixed. One week you’re an all-star health enthusiast, another week you’re consistently reaching for take out menus.

One of the biggest challenges in constructing a top-to-bottom, healthy diet is putting together a comprehensive menu of recipes to pull from on a weekly basis. Some of us are amateur chefs that would do well on cooking shows and probably don’t need a lot of direction, but for most of us, devising great tasting meals is just not in our culinary wheelhouse.

That’s why we at Zsweet scoured the Internet for the best selection of delicious, mouth watering, low carb recipes that are easy-to-make and super nutritious. Take a look at these sites to discover your next favorite recipes.



Diet Doctor is an all inclusive low carb recipe library with dedicated sections on breakfast, sides, snacks, bread, and main course dishes that highlight every protein in the book: meat, poultry, fish, and pork.

Their salads pack a tasteful punch as well, specifically the avocado, bacon, and goat-cheese starter. Main courses are diverse with rib eye steak and oven roasted vegetables, to chicken curry with cauliflower rice.

Rib eye steak

They even have a section for non low-carbers. Here you’ll enjoy pork chops with blue cheese sauce, or oven baked chicken with garlic butter. It even has a section dedicated to pizza. How great is that?

In addition to offering a wealth of awesome recipes, Diet Doctor also includes low carb guidelines for beginners, and even offers a free, two-week low carb challenge.



Avocado Bun BLTDelish isn’t a full-time low carb recipe website like Diet Doctor, but it does reserve a significant amount of space to this growing culinary segment.
Delish scores an A+ for the creativity involved in some of their recipes. For instance, the no-bread sandwich section gives us the avocado bun BLT and cauliflower grilled cheese.
Additional user friendly recipes include: taco skillets with no tortillas, eggplant cutlets, and bell pepper nachos sans chips.



Garlic ShrimpOur next website is the grandfather of them all, Atkins. According to the site, holds over 1,600 easy low carb recipes that help you lose weight while still enjoying delicious food.
The latest recipes take their cues from ingredients that are in season.  In spring, you’ll see garlic shrimp with avocado dipping sauce, spinach artichoke dip, and Cornish hens with apricot glaze.
Shifting away from the seasonal brings us to their specialized sections on beverages, desserts, snacks, and sides. Here you’ll discover almond pineapple smoothie, artichokes with lemon butter, and ancho macho chili.