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Why is Zsweet Good for My Teeth?

At one point during our childhood our parents and dentists warned us about the leading causes of tooth decay. We were told to regularly brush our teeth and floss in between those hard to reach areas to ensure bright, pearly whites and healthy gums. 


We were also told of the damaging effects of sugar. After all, sugary foods and the bacteria in our mouths are essentially best friends. Bacteria feeds off sugar with the end result being a damaging coat of acid that contributes to the formation of cavities.

Fortunately, there is a way around all of this just by swapping out your everyday sugar, for Zsweet, our zero-calorie, all natural sweetener.

Zsweet has non-cariogenic properties, which means that it helps fight tooth decay!


Research shows that the use of erythritol, Zsweet’s main ingredient, in sweetened foods provides additional help in the battle against tooth decay by significantly reducing plaque accumulation. Additionally, erythritol is resistant to the bacteria that resides in our mouths, which means that the bacteria won’t be able to produce any harmful acids that typically lead to tooth enamel loss and cavity formation. Here’s a super scientific chart that breaks down the research.

The American Dental Association, which is the leading oral health organization in this country, recognizes erythritol as an alternative to sugar.

Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of a “does not promote tooth decay” health claim in labeling for sugar-free foods that contain erythritol.

So the next you’re presented with a choice of sugar, or Zsweet, please choose the latter to help stave off tooth decay.