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Zsweet All-Natural Sweetener Protects You From Elevated Blood Sugar

As the research on erythritol continues to advance, it becomes plain to see that erythritol plays a role as a protective compound in and on our bodies. In this article we will shed light on the protective effect erythritol displays against elevated blood sugar.

A very recent study confirmed the fact that our bodies do produce erythritol. The study also showed that erythritol levels were a good predictor of later body fat accumulation in college age subjects.

Another study that analyzed blood samples from diabetic patients, demonstrated these patients had elevated erythritol levels.

Another study that analyzed blood samples of patients with diabetes showed elevated levels of erythritol in the blood of these patients. It also verified that elevated erythritol levels could be a predictor of diabetes. So, the natural question to ask is why the elevated levels of erythritol? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

The answer can be found in some of the human research on erythritol from several years ago.

In a study published in 2014, scientists found that erythritol does indeed protect the linings of the blood vessels (arteries, capillaries etc.) in diabetic patients. Blood pressure was mildly reduced and flow of blood in patients’ veins and arteries was improved when erythritol was consumed in the diet of these patients a.

It appears that erythritol can provide protection both when we eat it and when our body produces it. It is a marvel that our body - in response to various threats - can increase the natural production of erythritol to serve as a protector.

No matter the quality of one's health, increasing consumption of erythritol and decreasing carbohydrate consumption can help to lower blood sugar.

Zsweet® all-natural sweeteners are made from erythritol and have zero glycemic impact. Making them part of your reduced sugar or keto lifestyle can make your life that much sweeter and prove to protect your body from damaging high blood sugar and high blood pressure