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Zsweet® Answers: Your Top 3 Questions

You asked, and we answered. Read below for our answers to your top 3 questions! 


1. How can I make Brown Sugar with Zsweet®?

To make a brown sugar replacement, you can add 2 TSP of molasses per 1 cup of Zsweet®. You can increase the ratio of molasses to Zsweet® if you are making a dark brown sugar. However, those on Ketogenic or very low sugar diets should be aware that molasses contains a measure of sugar on its own.

Molasses contains approximately 3.3 grams of sugar per TSP. 


Add Granulated Zsweet® to a small or medium bowl.

Slowly add the molasses on top of the Zsweet® and mash with a fork. Blend and mash until there are no molasses chunks left and you have an even mixture that resembles brown sugar and is slightly sticky.

2. Do you have any tips for cooking or baking with Zsweet®?

We recommend using Zsweet® Granulated as a substitute for sugar when baking or cooking, really any time a recipe calls for plain old sugar. Our Powdered version works wonderfully in icings and frostings, and we suggest using our SuperSweet Packets for beverage recipes. Zsweet® Granulated and Powdered both measure cup for cup as a replacement for sugar, and each individual SuperSweet Packet packs the sweetness of about 2 TSP of sugar. Visit our large collection of recipes for step by step instructions on how to use Zsweet®, find them all here. 

3. Do you still offer 10lb bags? 

We no longer offer 10lb bags, however, we do offer a wholesale case option that is permanently discounted for our customers that require (or just desire) larger quantities at a time. And unlike the 10lb bags which were only available in the Granulated form, our discounted case pricing applies to all three of our products: Granulated, Packets, and Powdered!