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Zsweet Protects During Holiday Mass Consumption

Around this time of year, many of us falter on how strict we are with diet choices. This is especially true for carbohydrate and sugar rich foods and beverages. The good news is that ZSWEET can help offset the downside to our ‘Holiday’ breakdown.

We should work hard to resist the influences, triggers and rationalizations that come our way but even if we don’t completely succeed, erythritol can act as a safety net or insurance policy. In fact, there are some excellent recipes that can be found on our Instagram page and blog as replacements for conventional sweets. Here are a few great pairings to look for in these recipes.

Erythritol and Food Ingredient Combos


Check out our previous article on gelatin for more detail, but here are the main reasons that this pairing works for treats or other recipes that can help you avoid the conventional counterparts that derail your metabolism.

Gelatin is a great warming ingredient. This offsets the normal cooling taste (temperature reduction in the mouth) that comes along with ZSWEET in certain baked good recipes. So, cookies, cakes, pies and bars and squares alike can benefit from working in some collagen peptides (think Vital Proteins) or normal Gelatin.

Collagen peptides in particular seem to work well to keep baked goods and other recipes moist and to improve overall texture in fillings and crusts.

Gelatin and collagen along with erythritol make us feel fuller longer and enhance the flavor and texture of whatever we are making with ZSWEET. This can lessen the cravings for full sugar and carb desserts.

gelatin and zsweet 


The connection between Acai and ZSWEET is that both are devoid of sugar and are KETOSAFE. One reason to match these two during times of overconsumption is that both erythritol and Acai possess antioxidant actions and other functions that protect the lining of the blood vessels when sugar is high. So even if we do splurge a bit, including ZSWEET in our diet will protect from the effects of spikes in blood sugar. See our Acai recipes for more information on this pairing.

 açaí and zsweet



When starch and sugar are kept in reasonable quantities with ZSWEET as the companion ingredient you can enjoy a sweet treat with zero worries. We like pumpkin due to its relatively lower sugar content per 100 grams and also the reasonable available carbohydrate profile (starch). Combining pumpkin, collagen and ZSWEET can make for delicious,  seasonable recipes as previously shown.

pumpkin and zsweet

Enjoy responsibly!