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Lil' Franz Making Sweet & Savory Treats with Zsweet

When Houston-based start-up Lil’ Franz searched for a natural sweetener to use in its mini cake bite recipes, the Texas baker kept striking out on taste and flavor. That is until German-born founder Vera Trombitas stumbled onto Zsweet. 

Lil Franz's mini cake bites

“Zsweet is the only natural sweetener, that I found, that tastes better than sugar and doesn’t contain the metallic aftertaste found in many other sweeteners,” Trombitas said. “It’s the ideal natural sweetener to bake with.”

If we can add a shameless plug – Zsweet is also a zero calorie, gluten free natural sweetener that even helps combat tooth decay.

Lil Franz's mini cakes

Now fully launched and taking orders, Lil’ Franz hopes its delectable take on low calorie cake bites will be the next craze hitting the dessert scene. Its lineup features sweet treats with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and blueberry.

The savory side features bacon cheddar jalapeńo, spinach & feta, and Italian herbs.

Lil’ Franz takes online orders so here’s the link to get you started on your first delivery of Lil’ Franzes!

Lil' Franz mini cakes